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I D.J WITH THE FIRE~ (D.J Nigtmare's Character..thingy)
Fri Dec 26, 2008 1:20 pm by Night~Stream
Name~ Well my dad wanted to name after him so i said "F U" and now my name is D.J Nightmare.

Age~ i lost count after i hit the 2 digits...

Gender~ *looks down* Well i got boobies!

Appearance~ who knows? I change my avis like i change underwear...not that i wear any...

Stats~ ...what about them?

Kage everthing 10

Jounin everthing 9 and one 10

Chuunin everthing 8 …

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Comments: 16
Pwnin Ronin... thats all me baby...
Fri Jan 02, 2009 9:34 pm by Ronin
Name: Ronin

Specialty: Chakra

Special Ability- tamako (plant manip or paper manip whichever works for cards...)

Rank- (everyone starts as genin unless admin say other wise)

History- god just read it on naruto-shinobi...

Element -sound since its a village i guess but if i have to pick from the a set list just tell me...

Comments: 9
Kaya-chan's Character
Fri Jan 02, 2009 12:26 pm by Kaya-chan
Name: Kaya

Which of these is your specialty? (pick one. erase others)


Special Ability- Ability to talk to any animal

Rank- (everyone starts as genin unless admin say other wise)

History- (OPTIONAL)

Element (includes which country you will be living in and/or were from)- Water

Comments: 3
Thu Jan 01, 2009 8:52 pm by Kinji
just to clarify im extremely confused on what to do here so if you guys could just you know chill out if im clueless, my accoun from here just recently got deleted and i returned after gettong the email so...

Name: Kinji

Which of these is your specialty...

Special Ability-can i please decide after i familiarize myself alittle more with the site, if yes ill stick with the …

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Comments: 15
oh i guess i need to at lease post mine now o.o
Thu Jan 01, 2009 1:44 pm by Zurui
Name: Diva Rahzenshia

Which of these is your specialty? (pick one. erase others)


Special Ability- Arashi Junibi Neko. (twelve-tailed storm cat) Gwenivar **im the only one with a demon above 9 tails**

Rank- Angel of Asryentos/Keikaze Leader/Jinchuriki

History- im 1,000 years old... alot has happened. i've seen all countries rise and fall in power.

Element (includes which …

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Comments: 1
Character Template
Thu Jul 17, 2008 1:02 pm by Shana
You must get this activated before you do anything on this forum


Which of these is your specialty? (pick one. erase others)


Special Ability- (OPTIONAL. these can be like bloodlines, clans, demons, curse marks, occupations, the last ____, sages...etc. but you really should be origional. if you wish to have the same …

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